H Craig

H. Craig is a classically trained artist who creates stunning collections with universal appeal.  Currently he is drawing inspiration from lush and luminescent Southern California. Talent and vision have carried this New York native from the rich art environs of the East coast to those of the mid West, where he attended the acclaimed School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  A recipient of many accolades for achievements early in his career, encouraged H. Craig to challenge convention and express his creativity through fashion and interior design, sculpture and printmaking.  A wealth of experience gained in the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and here in the U.S., have greatly influenced the art of H. Craig..

Being an artist is truly a gift. I have great respect for each discipline of the creative arts and as such I draw my inspiration from my love of literature, dance, and from life itself. From the elegant lines of my illustrations to the bold strokes of my paintings, one can easily recognize the influence of film and music. One or both, accompanying me as I traverse the canvas, telling my story, playing my song with the tools of a painter

Inspiration comes from individuals who are fully expressed. My artwork is the response to a question, a statement made by those who inspire and invade my thoughts and subsequently my work. Artist or provocateur, it is he who challenges me to produce work which furthers the conversation. Creation is a journey which begins with concept and ends with the audience. Each work of art, each expression speaks directly to the viewer. This exchange between artist and audience can provide insight, unexpected truths about the work, the viewer and often about the artist. As a teacher and as a student of the world my desire is to continue to learn and to educate on the freedom and spirit of art. – H. Craig