15.08.2015 Image Slider, Portfolio Comments Off on Abstract Figurative

Abstract Figurative

Dynamic silhouetted forms created out of the beautiful chaos of an abstract canvas. Fantastic figures formed or from a multitude of lines and bands of color. These Abstract/Figurative hybrids fill me with conflict and with joy. After creating richly textured works I often feel the desire to bring them to life by highlighting the forms […]

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03.05.2010 Image Slider, Portfolio Comments Off on Stained Jazz

Stained Jazz

I’ve created a series of jazz inspired pieces capturing movement & sound in a vibrant & inventive collection of lively paintings, with the luminescence of “Stained Glass”.

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23.04.2010 Image Slider, Portfolio Comments Off on Wine Art

Wine Art

A still life that is anything but! The Wine Art paintings dance with movement and color. Enjoy Wine Art in the spirit intended, good taste and good fun! Cheers!

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20.11.2009 Image Slider, Portfolio Comments Off on Music Pieces

Music Pieces

“Painting musicians in the throes of harmonic passion, is the closest I can come to articulating, what must be, one of the most powerfully fulfilling and spiritual expressions. The sound alone transports the listener to another place.

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18.11.2009 Image Slider, Portfolio Comments Off on Big Foot Blues

Big Foot Blues

What began as an exercise in abstraction, utilizing a palette knife and a limited palette including Cerulean Blue and Burnt Umber evolved into a dynamic celebration of Jazz horns and Blues’ guitars.

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